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VetIMPRESS moves towards reducing antimicrobial resistance

IN recent months the animal health industry has been taking great strides towards reducing antimicrobial resistance in farm animals. Antimicrobial resistance and responsible use of medicines has become a key feature in the media at a time when consumers are more hungry than ever to know all they can about the food they are eating.

At VetIMPRESS we take antimicrobial resistance very seriously within animal and human health, so we’ve helped our vets and farmers with very useful functionality in our apps which is unique within the industry:

The Medicine Cupboard

A huge step towards antimicrobial resistance – the “medicine cupboard” allows vets and farmers to analyse and collaborate on medicine use on the farm. All medicine stock, treatments and prescriptions are managed in the app, often fully automated from the point of dispensing right through to being available for assigning as treatments. Both vets and farmers can see in real-time what’s in the farmers “medicine cupboard” and exactly how it’s been administered on the farm.

The app is helping vets to govern non-prudent use of antibiotics and is a great step in the movement towards lowering the use of antibiotics in general, when combined with veterinary advice on animal health. The “medicine cupboard” provides a huge step towards reducing antimicrobial resistance.

For The Supply Chain

Not only is the medicine cupboard module a great way to help on the farm itself, the module also provides data that can be transferred to food processors and assurance schemes if so required and authorised by the farmer. This allows farmers to have access to the widest market options for their produce, backed up by data and thereby to achieve the best price possible.

VetIMPRESS offers an array of tools, data and insisghts for precision farming and farm vet practise management. Getting started with VetIMPRESS couldn’t be easier. Farmers – talk to vets about VetIMPRESS today. Vets and Vet Practices – get started here.

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