VetIMPRESS provides insights and intelligence for farm vets and precision farmers. VetIMPRESS allows vets to understand their client’s farms like never before, with insights at farm and animal level on a single dashboard. It helps vets go beyond the job at hand by providing evidence-based advice and support to farm clients



Manage practice efficiency with a robust practice diary providing access to team calendars. Access daily calendar and tasks, alerts and documents straight to a device. Vets can create tasks and alerts for themselves and their farmers, ensuring data collection responsibilities are shared.


Collect real-time data around key performance areas of Mobility Scoring, Scanning/PD and Hoof Trimming. On-farm data can also be recorded with ease around the areas of Body Condition Scoring, Beef Fertility, Breeding Events, Calf Health, Heights & Weights, Transition Cow Management and Udder Health Management. Data captured will be synced back to the desktop increasing time spent on the farm rather than on administrative tasks. Never lose farm documents again.


Data is imported from external sources such as farm management systems, your practice management system, milk records and government records without using valuable time. Instant access to data allows vets to understand the farm like never before, with insights at farm and animal level to make evidence-based decisions whilst on the job.


Lab submissions can be created and sent whilst on the farm for a more streamlined process. Lab reports are returned straight to VetIMPRESS and can be easily shared with the farm client.


VetIMPRESS allows vets to send delivery notes to practice administration staff to speed up invoicing processes and reduce administration time, giving vets more time to spend on the farm doing what they do best. VetIMPRESS provides the additional option of linking in with your Practice Management System via API integration.


Work smarter on the farm by generating and sharing specific insights with your farm client. Vets can compare reports against previous findings to show treatment outcomes, provide insights into what works best and create actionable tasks for the future. Reports can be generated around animal records, herd health, fertility, lameness, mastitis and pregnancy rate.


Gain insight into what medicine and the volume that is used on a farm to help clients understand their vet spend and medicine use and advise if improvements can be made. This type of reporting can take hours.


FarmIMPRESS gives farm clients access to reports and tasks created in VetIMPRESS, providing a new two-way communication link that allows vets to work with farm clients to share records and data collection responsibilities.

farm vet app VetIMPRESS. The cycle of data and insights for precision farming


Acquire data from a range of external sources such as milk records, government records, lab results and farm and practice management systems.


Receive task, alerts and reminders direct to your device. VetIMPRESS also provides business intelligence information to inform strategic decisions.


Plan activity with access to a vet team diary and a farm events planner for your clients. Ensure treatment responsibilities are shared with treatment reminder alerts for you and the farmer.


Offline capability and easy access to data ensures vets can always act. Collect real-time data around common farm tasks, submit lab reports, write medicine advice scripts and create reports on the farm.


VetIMPRESS has a wealth of reports contained within it around areas of annual medicine spend, antimicrobial usage reports, treatment success and so on, which can be reviewed with your farm client.


Reports and data can be shared with your farm clients for easy compliance reporting, processor and retailer scheme reporting. API links are available to Project Management Systems and Farm Management Systems to further increase efficiencies.

VetIMPRESS Pricing

Choose the modules that suit you and your practice.

Animal Records

Record Centralised health & production records with vet & farmer access

  • Official Identifications
  • Fertility /Breeding events
  • Scorings (Mobility, Body Condition & many more)
  • Lab Test Results
  • Production Measures
  • Diagnoses and Treatments

Delivery Notes

Advise on farm creation of delivery notes, advice scripts & reminders.

  • Products and Services
  • Batch Numbers and Expiry Dates
  • Farmer Treatment Alerts
  • Advice Notes
  • Delivery Note Back to Practice
  • Potential Integration with PMS via API

Alerts & Reporting

Alert Proactive alerts and reporting via email, app, web and sms.

  • Proactive Medicine Use Alerts
  • Proactive Production & Health Alerts
  • Bespoke to each farm holding
  • Lab Document Reporting
  • Vet Spend & Medicine Use Reporting
  • Animal Records Reporting

Practice Diary

Manage team and equipment diaries at the practice and on the road

  • Scheduled Calls Calendar
  • Unscheduled Calls Management
  • 2 way Sync with Mobile Vet App (MyVI)
  • Recurring Task Scheduling
  • Holiday/Absence Controls
  • Integrated Equipment Booking

Business Intelligence

Analyse Dashboards and self-service analytics for practice management.

  • Practice Business Metrics
  • Vet Team Activity Insights
  • Farm Opportunity Insights
  • Product and Service Opportunity Reports
  • Vet Group Benchmarking
  • Farm Group Benchmarking

* Data migration, custom exports, reports and training all available on request.