Farm vet app VetIMPRESS provides insights and intelligence for farm vets and precision farmers.

farm vet app VetIMPRESS. The cycle of data and insights for precision farming


Practice Management Systems
Govt Records
Milk Records
Vet Labs
Farm Management Systems
Farmer Data Collection App


Proactive Alerts
Power VI Practice Business Intelligence


Farm Vet Team Diary
Farm Events Planner
Treatment Reminder Alerts


Offline Mobile Vet App
Individual Animal History Recall
Animal Data Collection
Transition Cow
Delivery Notes
Medicine Advice Scripts
Lab Submissions
Lab Reporting
On Farm Reporting


Cloud Database
Reporting Web Application
Monthly Reports
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Annual Reports
Farmer Portal


Industry Project Data Links
Billing to Practice Management Systems
Animal Events to Farm Management
Animal Events to Recording Organisations
Compliance Reporting
Processor Scheme Reporting
Retailer Scheme Reporting

Why do vets and vet practices choose VetIMPRESS?

VetIMPRESS improves the lives of farm vets and farmers and the efficiency of farm vet practices.

For Practice Owners

Optimise Opportunities

  • Manage your team for efficiency using practice diary with offline access.
  • Provide the vet team with farm specific information and tools to collect animal and billing data.
  • Warehouse data from across your business including from farm, from PMS from 3rd parties and more.
  • Provide a new 2 way communication link with your farm clients via free farmer app.
  • Provide new and improved robust services that stay even through the busy times.
  • Understand your business like never before with insights right to farm and animal level

For Farm Vets

Effortless Efficiency.

  • Have data automatically imported from multiple sources without using your time.
  • Receive calls, tasks, alerts and documents straight to your device.
  • Arrive on farm with every animal’s history in your hand.
  • Work with your farm client sharing records and data collection responsibilities.
  • Collect new information with ease even when offline.
  • Feedback immediately to clients on farm with follow ups by email, sms and via the farmer app.

Oh, and most importantly – check out what we can do for your farmers.

VetIMPRESS Pricing

Choose the modules that suit you and your practice.

Animal Records

Record Centralised health & production records with vet & farmer access

  • Official Identifications
  • Fertility /Breeding events
  • Scorings (Mobility, Body Condition & many more)
  • Lab Test Results
  • Production Measures
  • Diagnoses and Treatments

Delivery Notes

Advise on farm creation of delivery notes, advice scripts & reminders.

  • Products and Services
  • Batch Numbers and Expiry Dates
  • Farmer Treatment Alerts
  • Advice Notes
  • Delivery Note Back to Practice
  • Potential Integration with PMS via API

Alerts & Reporting

Alert Proactive alerts and reporting via email, app, web and sms.

  • Proactive Medicine Use Alerts
  • Proactive Production & Health Alerts
  • Bespoke to each farm holding
  • Lab Document Reporting
  • Vet Spend & Medicine Use Reporting
  • Animal Records Reporting

Practice Diary

Manage team and equipment diaries at the practice and on the road

  • Scheduled Calls Calendar
  • Unscheduled Calls Management
  • 2 way Sync with Mobile Vet App (MyVI)
  • Recurring Task Scheduling
  • Holiday/Absence Controls
  • Integrated Equipment Booking

Business Intelligence

Analyse Dashboards and self-service analytics for practice management.

  • Practice Business Metrics
  • Vet Team Activity Insights
  • Farm Opportunity Insights
  • Product and Service Opportunity Reports
  • Vet Group Benchmarking
  • Farm Group Benchmarking

* Data migration, custom exports, reports and training all available on request.