New Report Centre

New Report Centre

VetIMPRESS, the technology partner helping vets make informed decisions by providing access to agri data, has launched a Report Centre feature, that allows vets to create customised reports and provide deep analysis to their farm clients. In a click of a button, reports are generated on the key areas of cow condition, lameness, fertility and mastitis, with further areas to be launched soon.


VetIMPRESS is a suite of website and mobile applications dedicated to farm animal vets and practices which help strengthen their role on cattle farms. VetIMPRESS is not only a tool to efficiently manage practice workflow through shared team calendars, task scheduling features, alerts and reminders and the ability to submit lab reports in real-time; it helps vets and farmers work further together by combining data collected on the farm with third party agri data sources, to provide insights into farm productivity and areas for improvement.


Using VetIMPRESS, vets and their farm clients can quickly collect real-time data around common farm tasks including mobility scoring, scanning, hoof trimming, body condition scoring, beef fertility, breeding events, calf health and udder health management.


Interpreting the information available around animal health has become a strategic activity for vets, VetIMPRESS allows vets and practices to understand their client’s farms like never before, with insights at farm and animal level available in the vet’s hand. Data is imported from multiple external sources such as farm management systems, practice management systems, milk records and government records and combined with the vet’s data so that vets can provide evidence-based advice and support to clients.

To assist with interpreting the data contained within VetIMPRESS, the company has recently launched a new ‘Report Centre’. This convenient feature enables vets to create customised visual reports for their farm clients by selecting only the relevant information they need to share. The information is exported into practice branded reports and emailed directly to the vet’s farm client. The Report Centre focusses on four of the key performance areas for cattle farms; lameness, fertility, mastitis and cow condition, with further areas of focus currently in development.

Val Lees
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