New Report Centre Launched

Have you heard about our new Report Centre feature? Increased reporting around the key metrics of fertility, lameness, cow condition and mastitis, with many more areas coming soon!


Check out the full details here or contact us to discuss further.

September 2020

Farmvet Systems Ltd (the company who behind VetIMPRESS), Vetoquinol  and SNGTV have signed a partnership agreement aimed at offering a common solution highlighting the complementarity of their two software, VetIMPRESS and Vetélevage to farm vets. Aware of their shared philosophy aimed at optimizing vets actions thanks to new digital technologies, they are pooling these two software programs to strengthen the role of farm vets in...

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VetIMPRESS the secure data management platform has recently implemented a series of integrations, reinforcing its position as a leading source of information for farm animal vets. The platform has grown its connections to over 100 external sources across 10 countries. The partnerships are set to improve connectivity across the industry, providing a single source of truth to better inform ethical, safe and productive veterinary decisions.   VetIMPRESS...

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