New Report Centre Launched

Have you heard about our new Report Centre feature? Increased reporting around the key metrics of fertility, lameness, cow condition and mastitis, with many more areas coming soon!


Check out the full details here or contact us to discuss further.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is VetIMPRESS?

VetIMPRESS is a suite of technology solutions aimed at supporting farm animal vets carry out their day-to-day tasks, increase the level of service they are providing and identify and control opportunities in their business. We offer various levels of support:


  1. VetIMPRESS Apps – a suite of web and mobile apps used by vets and practices to streamline operations, collect on-farm data and produce reports.  We also offer solutions and expert consultancy focusing on specialised clinical areas such as mastitis.
  2. VetIMPRESS Insights – Analysis of practice data to identify new business opportunities and areas for growth.
  3. VetIMPRESS Data – Providing the capabilities to share, exchange and sell practice and farm data to interested parties.
  4. VetIMPRESS Command – high level insights and data for large practices, corporate practices and farming bodies to increase business controls.
Who uses VetIMPRESS?

VetIMPRESS is used by farm animal vets and vet practices.


A free farmer app called FarmIMPRESS is also available to allow your farm clients to record data within the platform.


The information within VetIMPRESS is also used, with vets permission, by stakeholders with an interest in veterinary data, such as government and farming bodies, nutritionists, genetics, pharmaceutical players, processors and retailers.

Does VetIMPRESS help with Red Tractor Accreditation?

Yes, VetIMPRESS can help your farm clients with the Red Tractor Assurance process.

Can VetIMPRESS help record AMU?

Yes, within the VetIMPRESS platform you can easily run reports into antimicrobial usage and vet spend for your farm clients.

Can VetIMPRESS be used on beef and dairy cows?

Yes, VetIMPRESS has functions that are useful to both beef and dairy cattle.

What is the cost of VetIMPRESS?

VetIMPRESS operates on a modular pricing system based on your individual requirements. Following an initial set-up cost, the basic price is approximately £50 per vet per month.