New Report Centre Launched

Have you heard about our new Report Centre feature? Increased reporting around the key metrics of fertility, lameness, cow condition and mastitis, with many more areas coming soon!


Check out the full details here or contact us to discuss further.


Release Notes

Release notes is our regular update telling you about recent improvements we’ve made and new features we’ve added, helping you  stay up to date with what’s new at VetIMPRESS.

Web v3.28 / Mobile v3.14. Released December 2020

What’s New in VetIMPRESS Web Version 3.28



  • Animal History Card: You’ll notice we’ve refreshed the animal history cards with a more defined overview section, the option to edit lactation numbers and charting for milk production and heights and weights. Records can be edited for lameness, fertility, BCS, heights & weights. Also, data within the animal card is now translated for all territory languages.
  • Selective Dry Cow Routine Animal Selector: We’ve added a new animal selector to create mastitis selective dry cow therapy lists for action. The lists will identify cows requiring treatment post dry-off, based on their mastitis history. This has great value potential for vets in line with the new requirements related to antimicrobial reduction.
  • Lameness Routine Animal Selector: We’ve added a new criteria section. Labelling options include categories related to rechecks, previously diagnosed animals and routine trims.
  • Animal Management Area: You can now define final lactation for animals and record reason for disposal. Available to both vet and farmer users.
  • Antimicrobial Report: We’ve added new ‘Form Breakdown’ and ‘CIA vs Non CIA’ charts to provide a clearer view of overall usage.




  • Issue with ‘served after recheck’ box in fertility selector resolved.
  • Intermittent bug to routine selector that reverted to uncategorised when categorised has been saved.


What’s New in VetIMPRESS Mobile Version 3.14



  • New Data Entry Screens: Hygiene and Comfort, Standing Index and Rumen Fill and Manure screen available within the VetTech area.



  • Examination, Diagnosis and Delivery Notes:  Now includes addition of pack sizes, route/delay, the population of fertility/PD scan protocols.
  • Animal History Card: Milk production and target growth rate charts now added and event dates sorting in descending order within milk recording tab.



  • Animals screen loading issue resolved
  • Document images now displaying in iOS devices
  • Days pregnant consistency on PD screen
  • Animal card not opening issue resolved
  • Allow exit of breeding events after choosing animal
  • Error in Backfat report resolved
  • Ovary and uterus lists for PD scanning, corrected for German users
  • Updated list for uterus/vaginal exam for Netherlands users
  • Resolution to Hoof Trimming report defaulting to inner claw for sole ulcers
  • Display issues resolved on Animal Card
  • Fresh Cow and Repeat Breeder data now saving to animal card


What’s New in Farmer Mobile Version 3.15



Treatments: Series of improvements to the treatments area, including linking treatment alerts to treatments entry screen; updates to treatments protocols display and alerts synchronisation.



  • Resolution to a number of general issues including login times, duplicate animals on animals list, automatic closing of app
  • Issues resolved (error message appearing) when viewing animals