About Us

As a farm animal vet you work hard every day to take care of animal health and welfare and make good decisions based on experience and training. Imagine what you could do if you were equipped with tools and insights to make decisions based on rich data? You could have much more impact on farm performance and protect the things we are all interested in around animal health and welfare. Your job is important to everyone, everywhere and we are proud to help you succeed.


At VetIMPRESS, we are committed to empowering you to demonstrate the true value of your services as the most trusted and informed farm advisor. We create the insights you need to hold your rightful place in governing animal welfare, human health, sustainability of earth’s resources and the resilience of farming communities.

Our History

Founded in 2010, VetIMPRESS is brought to you by Farmvet Systems Ltd.  VetIMPRESS began when the company founder, an experienced farm vet, identified inefficiencies resulting from fragmented data management across the industry. With multiple data sources available to vets and farmers, as well as the potential to manage valuable veterinary data generate during farm visits, VetIMPRESS was created to collect, aggregate and present data in a way that allows you and your farmer to understand and improve farm performance.  Since 2010, the platform has grown to provide rich medicalised insights at animal, farm and industry level.


As one of the leading providers of software dedicated to farm vets across Europe, VetIMPRESS has customers in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Australia and New Zealand. Our platform has grown its connections to over 100 external sources across 10 countries, reinforcing our position as a leading source of information for farm animal vets. We have a rapidly growing team which brings together technical skills in software development and data engineering with those who have domain knowledge as vets and animal health professionals, to create solutions that are both practical and impactful for the industry.


In 2018, Farmvet Systems Ltd partnered with Vetoquinol who design, market and promote solution-based VetIMPRESS business. VetIMPRESS and Vetoquinol share a mutual commitment to contribute to a healthier world through improving animal health and welfare.