New Report Centre Launched

Have you heard about our new Report Centre feature? Increased reporting around the key metrics of fertility, lameness, cow condition and mastitis, with many more areas coming soon!


Check out the full details here or contact us to discuss further.


About Us

VetIMPRESS is brought to you by Farmvet Systems Ltd., a technology provider by nature, yet a farm vet solutions provider at heart.


We understand how the industry works and the daily challenges faced by farm animal vets. We are passionate about helping the animal health industry work together to make farms more efficient and productive, driving the farm veterinary industry forward for the future.


VetIMPRESS began when the founder, an experienced farm vet, identified inefficiencies and missed opportunities within the industry resulting from fragmented data management. With multiple data sources available to vets and farmers, as well as the potential to collect valuable clinical veterinary data on farm, VetIMPRESS was created to gather data into one portal and present the information in a user-friendly way that allows the vet and farmer to understand and improve farm processes.  Since then, the platform has grown beyond operational use to provide deep insights and data at animal, farm and industry level.


At VetIMPRESS, we have a rapidly growing team which brings together technical skills in software development, data engineering and data science with those who have domain knowledge as vets and animal health professionals, to create solutions that are both practical and impactful for the industry.