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Medicalised Cattle Insights That Benefit The Industry

Insights from medicalised cattle health and performance data is the real value of what we do. It helps you to make more informed decisions and to provide farmers with the good advice and advocacy they need. This data also provides industry knowledge and serves as a catalyst for improvement.


Data captured around farm animals is fragmented, disparate and incomplete. With an increase in technologies generating new data and rich veterinary data held in isolation; aggregating data sets and drawing insights from this increasing body of data has never been more important. At VetIMPRESS we bring farm animal data together in a powerful manner. We provide the technology to allow you to put in place the right permissions and controls to share and exchange insights with industry partners, in a way that benefits farm clients and the veterinary industry.

“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.” - Carly Fiorina, former CEO, Hewlett Packard.

Who can benefit from insights from medicalised cattle data?


Our secure data exchange platform allows you, with the permission of your farmers, to share insights across the supply chain and wider industry in a way that benefits your farm clients by demonstrating food from animals is responsibly produced to the highest of standard. We help you work together with your farmers to help them meet the needs of:


  • Farm Certifiers and Quality Assurance Schemes
  • Regulators
  • Research / Development Bodies and Co-Ops
  • Food Supply Chain (Processors, Retailers, Consumers)
  • Farm Suppliers (Banks, Insurance, Animal Health Companies)


Insights from our platform are being used to guide not only every day decisions made on the farm but also national reporting in areas such as antimicrobial resistance, showing the good job farmers with the support of their vets are doing in protecting resources and human health through being the guardians of animal health and welfare.


In partnership with our practice clients, our platform is currently helping stakeholders with an interest in veterinary and farm data, such as government and farming bodies, nutritionists, genetics, pharmaceutical players, processors and retailers, to understand trends and make strategic decisions. Using deep domain expertise and proprietary technology, we bring data together in a way that gains valuable insights into each part of the food processing chain.


Our partners include:

VetIMPRESS Data Flow

Cleansing Data

We draw data from trusted 3rd party sources, cleanse it and present it on a single dashboard; giving vets access to the insights needed to effectively do their job

Enriching Data

Our users enrich the data contained within VetIMPRESS by routinely inputting data at practice, farm and animal level via the VetIMPRESS platform

Requests for Data

Industry partners such as government, farming bodies, nutritionists, genetics, pharmaceutical players and retailers request data from vets and/or farmers

Data Exchange

We liaise with our clients to agree on how this data will be shared or exchanged, in a way that is most beneficial to the practice, farmer and the industry

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