Veterinary Solutions

Fragmented cattle data

Challenge: Data Access, Quality & Management

The VetIMPRESS Solution:

Centralisation of information available from multiple data sources, namely government databases, on-farm IT systems and service providers, milk recordings and lab results.

Cleansed, standardised and validated data to inform decisions

Vet data is centrally managed and recorded using a mobile app. Several vets can interact with the same farm and have access to the entire history of the farm.

Fast and accurate input of data on-farm

Creation of accurate and consolidated records

Poor management of veterinary data

Challenge: Inefficient work processes

The VetIMPRESS Solution:

Team and individual diaries tailored to the unique needs of farm practice

Manage lab work from cow-side submission, tracking lab reports, reporting and billing

Record service delivery and product dispensing cow-side for more accurate billing

Send delivery notes back to practice to streamline invoicing processes

Reduce data entry duplication with cow-side entry

Automate farmer vaccine reminders, alerts and notifications

2-Way PMS Integration

Solution - Informed decision making

Challenge: Making evidence-based decisions

The VetIMPRESS Solution:

Complete history of the animal including its performance checks and all information entered during previous visits and by the farmer

Improving animal health, animal welfare and farm productivity through the consolidated use of performance data and data generated from veterinary consultations

Ability to monitor the impact of treatments to inform future decisions

Generation of reports at the end of each visit in order to promote your actions and agree actions for your farmers

Reporting on cattle data

Challenge: Reporting 

The VetIMPRESS Solution:

Health data is actively screened and alerts you when individual animals exceed threshold

Farm dashboard provides a live overview of farm performance

Dedicated report centre displaying simplified graphs for key metrics

Automate scheduled reports to farm clients

Save hours and generate vet spend and AMU reports in a few simple clicks

Web-based reports can be accessed anywhere – from farm, to practice, to home


Challenge: Proving Your Value To Farmers As Trusted Advisor and Advocate

The VetIMPRESS Solution:

Immediate on-farm reporting

Advice based on data as a basis for discussion

Increased two-way communication between vet and farmer due to the VetIMPRESS farmer app

You are the best informed advisor on animal health and farm performance thanks to an overview of the data available on the farm

Possibility of setting objectives with farmers to meet contract and quality assurance requirements

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Immediate on-farm reporting