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Have you heard about our new Report Centre feature? Increased reporting around the key metrics of fertility, lameness, cow condition and mastitis, with many more areas coming soon!


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Veterinary Solutions

Solution - Practice Efficiency

Practice Efficiency

Challenge: Inefficiencies due to duplicated workflows and poor veterinary data recording. From lab reports filed away in cabinets or treatment data discarded, illegible data collected on farm beings transferred onto software systems, to practice staff waiting on essential information in order to complete administration duties; VetIMPRESS provides the tools to help improve vet practice efficiencies.


Solution: VetIMPRESS web and mobile apps provide a robust practice diary with team and individual calendars. Practice staff can schedule vet tasks as they come in. Vets can access their daily calendar, alerts and documents straight to their device, creating tasks and alerts for themselves and their farmers, ensuring data collection responsibilities are shared.


VetIMPRESS allows on-farm data entry for key routine visits, reducing the need to enter data when returning to practice and ensuring data is never lost again.


With the ability to set farm arrival and departure times and instantly send delivery notes back to the practice, administration and invoicing processes are also streamlined.

Solution - Data management

Data Management

Challenge: Farm animal data is complex, involving many companies and initiatives. The data exists in many places including data from the farm itself, data from the Practice Management Software, data from 3rd party services used by the farm, data from third party services used by the practice, government and industry sources. These data silos make it difficult for vets and farmers to have a complete overview of the situation when making decisions.


Solution: VetIMPRESS is an aggregator of the complex and fragmented data within the farm animal sector. Data is brought into VetIMPRESS through Government Records (birth & death records, movements, state labs and disease testing); Farm IT Systems (animal records, milking machines, cow management, animal wearables and heat detection); Industry Schemes (surveillance and eradication, syndromic surveillance, research and genetics and environmental data); and Farm Service Providers (milk recording, vet lab results, veterinary sales, paraprofessionals.)


The data brought into our platform is validated, standardised and presented in one single dashboard, it is further enriched with data collected by users on-farm, recording animal data during routine visits whilst keeping track of treatments and their effectiveness. Vets can also quickly produce reports and share these with their farmers during a visit, increasing the value of their services.

Solution - Informed decision making

Informed Decision Making

Challenge: Clinical decisions often depend on farm clients recalling accurate animal information, which is not always reliable. The ambiguity and uncertainty around the information provided means veterinary decisions are often based on intuition rather than evidence, without really weighting up all the alternatives. This can lead to misinformed decisions and reduced farm productivity. The effectiveness of treatment decisions is also unknown.


Solution: VetIMPRESS provides greater visibility of animal health, allowing vets to arrive on farm with in-depth knowledge at farm and animal level available in their hand. For the first time, vets have a comprehensive overview of a farm, with specific insights into each animal presented on a single user-friendly dashboard.


The accumulation of data now enables vets to provide their farm clients with advice based on concrete metrics, rather than instinct. Using the VetIMPRESS platform, access a record card for each cow within your practice. This card details historic data from Body Condition Score’s to Lameness, Fertility and any past treatments or services.


From this valuable information, you can proactively identify potential issues and problems that could impact productivity or efficiency and use previous treatment success rates to support decisions and demonstrate the long-term benefits of the chosen treatment method to your farm clients.



Solution - Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning

Challenge: As a Practice Manager or Director you have the experience and knowledge required to offer quality services to your clients supported by a competent team. You want to take your veterinary practice to a new level but with the challenges of operating in a demanding environment coupled with getting caught up in day-to-day operations, you are unsure what to focus your efforts on and which areas will provide the greatest return for your practice.


Solution: Using targeted data within the VetIMPRESS platform, Practice Managers can delve into their operations to identify the services that benefit the practice most and uncover any gaps in operations. Focusing on business opportunities, clinical excellence and economics, our solutions also provide insight into areas Practice Managers and Directors don’t yet know will help their business.


Using analytic software, training and support, market research data and consultancy in change management, sales excellence consultancy and business management consultancy, practices can unlock hidden value in their business.

Connected Industry

Challenge: Vet practices have access to a wealth of farm and animal data that is extremely beneficial to the wider agri-food industry, however there is no streamlined process for sharing or exchanging this data. The knowledge and data held by the veterinary industry is a vital part of the industry that is often overlooked due to poor data collection.


Solution: Our data solutions help vets achieve the ultimate purpose of protecting the health and well-being of both animals and people, through the curation of unique data on all aspects of animal health. Utilising API integration we can help vets share and exchange practice and farm data  with farming bodies, nutritionists, genetics, processors, retailers, government and pharmaceutical players; ensuring the veterinary industry reaches a place of stability and encouraging increased collaboration between vets, their farm clients and the wider industry.


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