VetIMPRESS Platform

VetIMPRESS is an innovative data management platform that provides insights from cattle health and performance data.


Developed by vets for vets, VetIMPRESS permissions, standardises and integrates fragmented animal data from a range of sources including government and industry schemes, on-farm IT systems and other farm service providers such as milk recordings and lab results.  We give you the tools to enhance these external datasets by adding and collecting your veterinary data efficiently during consultations, in a way that it is secure and reliable. VetIMPRESS consolidates external data and your veterinary data into a powerful reporting platform, providing insights at animal, farm and practice level that enable you to make evidence-based decisions.  We help you simplify your daily life, provide more value to your farmers and identify opportunities for your practice.

Web-Based & Mobile Apps

Web-based platform and mobile app for vets to provide decision support and facilitate data collection. Supported by a farmer app for document sharing and further data collection.

Business Insights

Business intelligence dashboards displaying insights on practice performance to help you understand your business and identify opportunities for growth.

Permissions Engine

The insights generated in VetIMPRESS benefit the wider industry. As custodians, securely share information to help your farmers meet the needs of their customers in the supply chain.

VetIMPRESS Command

Coming Soon!

Supporting management of large practices, corporate groups and co-operatives with a 360° view of their business.

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