Recognising the health of animals is closely connected to the health of people and the environment, we strengthen the important work you do by revealing powerful insights from medicalised cattle health and performance data.


We connect fragmented animal data to deliver insights at animal, farm and practice level via cloud-based apps. These insights can be used to improve herd health; increase performance and profitability of farms; and strengthen your position as a trusted advisor and advocate for farmers.

Web-Based & Mobile Apps

With capabilities of real-time data recording, efficiency tools, instant reporting and access to medicalised animal data in your hand, VetIMPRESS transforms the way you work day-to-day.
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Business Insights

Business intelligence dashboards displaying insights on practice performance against pre-defined metrics.
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Secure Permissions Engine

Secure data exchange platform that allows you, with the permission of your farmers, to share insights across the supply chain and wider industry in a way that benefits your farm clients and helps achieve clinical excellence.
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With growing consumption of animal products set to continue and rising challenges for farmers to meet these demands, there is an opportunity for vets in using insights from data to help farmers become more resilient to challenges around farm gate price, animal welfare standards, environmental and ethical concerns.


People need safe food by 2050


More farm produce needed by 2050


Average cost to farmer of mastitis per cow per year


VetIMPRESS holds over 5,000,000 animal records

We equip you with the tools to give the best possible advice, take preventative action and make evidence-based decisions that better protect animal health and welfare, human health, sustainable rural communities and access to safe and affordable food.

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Industry Sources: 9.7bn people need safe food by 2020 (, 50% more farm produce needed by 2050 (, average cost of mastitis (Preventive Veterinary Medicine: The cost of clinical mastitis in the first 30 days of lactation: An economic modeling tool.)