New Report Centre Launched

Have you heard about our new Report Centre feature? Increased reporting around the key metrics of fertility, lameness, cow condition and mastitis, with many more areas coming soon!


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Apps designed by vets, for vets.

With insights at farm and animal level provided on a single dashboard, VetIMPRESS web and mobile apps help vets understand their client’s farms like never before. Data is imported and consolidated into the VetIMPRESS platform from a range of external sources such as government records, farm management systems, practice management systems and milk records, allowing vets to arrive on farm with every animals history in their hand.


The key features of VetIMPRESS include:

Data & Reporting

Get a complete picture of animal health with metrics at farm and animal level. Make informed decisions, share insights and generate reports in an instant around areas including herd health, medicine use and vet spend.

Fertility Management

Monitor and record data during routine fertility visits.  With instant access to data on previous treatments and services, vets and farmers can make informed decisions on treatment options

Lab work cows
Lab Work

Create and send lab submissions from the farm. View the status of your lab tests and have results returned straight to your inbox. Cropping tools allow you to extract results and place the information in branded reports for sharing with clients.

Practice Diaries

Manage practice efficiency with access to team and personal calendars, tasks, alerts and documents straight to your device. Vets and practice staff can create tasks and alerts for vets and farm clients, ensuring data collection responsibilities are shared.

Cow Lameness
Lameness and Mobility Monitoring

Carry out lameness assessments on the farm and record hoof trimming events by vet or farmer with easy data entry in mobility scoring and foot trimming. An instant report can be generated to give a clear picture and allow earlier intervention.

Delivery Notes

Create delivery notes with itemised lists of services and treatments during a farm visit and send back to practice instantly to speed up administration. VetIMPRESS has the capability to link with PMS for instant invoicing and medicine recording.

Row of cows eating
Body Condition Scoring

Quickly identify nutritional needs in a herd with recording of body conditions scores by vet or farmer.  You can quickly move through the scoring process by entering the ear tag or management number. On completion view the data and generate reports for your client.

Cows udder

Our mastitis recording and reporting capability helps diagnose, treat, prevent and monitor mastitis. VetIMPRESS provides insights into herd somatic cell counts, percentage of new vs cured infections and herd performance against targets.

VetIMPRESS Consultancy
Support and Consultancy

Working with our partners, we can provide bespoke software solutions supported by diagnostic tools, training and support, domain knowledge and expert consultancy on specialised areas such as Udder Health Management and Advance Fertility.

We have many more features within our platform, contact us today to discuss your requirements!

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