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“Our practice has been using VetIMPRESS for 18 months, it has proved to be extremely useful, easy to use on farm and it has allowed much better clinical recording. Our vets now rely on it for all their veterinary work in and out of practice. It has improved the way in which we invoice our services and our efficiency, especially in a practice situation where we cover a large geographic area. We are now in the process of linking it to our new Practice Management System, which will bring a host of further improvements in the quality of the service we provide to our farmers. The product has huge potential in improving health and welfare on livestock farms and in monitoring and analysing disease and medicine usage. The software program is constantly developing and providing extra functionality and I see this product as one of the driving forces involved in the future of farm animal veterinary practice.”


Mike Bardsley, Practice Director & Vet

Three Rivers Vets (Part of IVC Group), UK

Solution - Informed decision making

“We’ve been using VetIMPRESS quite heavily for a few years and have had the opportunity to work with the VetIMPRESS team to suggest developments to improve its functionality.  We use VetIMPRESS both on-farm and in the office.


On farm, VetIMPRESS is used for collection of data for fertility visits, mobility scoring, BCS, calf weights and foot trimming. The app is user friendly for these functions and the session report is useful as a talking point on farm summarising the visit. It also ensures data is captured and recorded accurately. Many of our farm clients also have been trained to input data during the visit using the app. 


In the office, we generate vet spend reports frequently as part of annual reviews for individual farm clients. There are also reports on reproductive performance we find useful. With VetIMPRESS, we can review data at practice level to identify opportunities for vaccine sales for example. There is huge potential to develop more tools reports from the data at practice level.


Darrell Irwin, Vet Surgeon

Cheshire, UK


“More farmers are requesting we use VetIMPRESS, as they have been discussing the benefits with each other. It’s excellent for keeping records and great for scanning, digital dermatitis and mobility scoring where we can provide the farmer a print out tailored to their needs.


VetIMPRESS is useful for Herd Health Plans and giving advice to farmers on making improvements. It supports fertility programmes, helping us identify when cows are in cycle and when scanning is required.


The supporting farmer app is excellent as our farm clients are able to keep accurate records too but a key benefit is that vets can now rely on their own records, which are accurate as no information is lost.


VetIMPRESS is easy to use and durable on farms. With it, we can easily monitor drug spend on farms – from dry cow tubes to antimicrobials to NSAIDs to all drug usage.”


Craig Campbell, Partner In Practice

Drumahoe Veterinary Clinic, N. Ireland


“VetIMPRESS provides us with an excellent recording system for both vet and farmer. In Parklands, it is used mostly for scanning and inputting information direct from farm. Another useful feature is the ability to look up lab reports and share practice branded results with clients.


VetIMPRESS is tied into our Robovet PMS System (Practice Management System), making it effortless for us to analyse drug spend and prescribing history on particular farms, herds and cows. We also use it to review milk records, create dry cow lists every few months and look at conception rates.


VetIMPRESS is user friendly with less paperwork for both vet and farmer. It supports our office staff with day to day administration and provides an accurate record system. It is versatile as a vet can take it onto the farm and work remotely.


Eamon Donnelly, LA Director

Parklands Veterinary Group, N. Ireland

“We use VetIMPRESS to efficiently monitor our farm clients medicine cupboard. We supply our clients with a login to the supporting farmer app. From here our farmers enter their online prescriptions and we can see what drugs have been purchased. Our farm clients find this very useful for medicine compliance inspections from Board Bia. We also use the tool for scanning and can produce impressive reports that are useful for both vets and farmers.


We have approximately 50 farms using the tool for prescriptions and scanning. This is an ongoing project and I would recommend the system to other vets, the potential is vast.”


John Healy, Director

Glassyn Vets, Ireland

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