Release Notes November 2019

Release Notes November 2019



a) Easier lab submission process

We’ve made a ton of improvements to our lab submission feature in the last few weeks, improving the interface and adding some new features:

  • You can now view the status for your lab cases
  • We have updated the report layouts to make them more user friendly
  • We have a new Faecal Egg Count package that allows you to create lab submissions and enter lab test results. We have provided a list of options where you can easily select the test required, create your test group and proceed through the lab submission process.
  • You now can enter lab result interpretations


b) Delivery Note Improvements

One of our small but powerful VetIMPRESS features has been improved recently. Our Delivery Notes feature allows you to send delivery notes back to practice, detailing time spent on farm, the services provided, and treatment administered.


This information is itemised and used by practice staff to create invoices, speeding up administration time.


You now can export individual delivery notes to PDF (previously they were only available in Excel), making them easier to read and presentable to your clients.


c) Making reporting quicker and easier

As a busy farm vet, we know you don’t always have the luxury of time to interpret information around the animals you are treating. One of our major new features in recent weeks (with more exciting developments still to come!) is Report Centre with its Report Writing feature. This allows you to create customised and visually pleasing reports in the click of a button. Report Centre focuses on the key areas of cow condition, lameness, fertility and mastitis.


How it works…


ReportCentre can be found in the Insights section of VetIMPRESS web application.
Select the reports you wish to share with your farm client by selecting the ‘Add To Report’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen
Once all reports are added to the report check out using the basket on the top right-hand corner
You can then export your customised client report to PDF or email directly to your client


This feature can also refresh data that has been sitting in draft for a period. If you find you have started a report but did not complete it, you can simply select the ‘Update’ button and the report will be generated using the most up-to-date information possible.


We haven’t just been working on Report Centre. We’ve had a few other improvements in our ‘Insights’ reporting area:


Improved Vet Spend Reporting – Within the ‘All Report’ section we have a feature that allows you to report clients annual vet spend. We have improved this in recent weeks so that spend analysis can now be viewed by sub-account.
A new reporting area dedicated to mastitis is also now available within the ‘All Reports’ section.




a) Back Fat Data Entry

You can now record animal back fat measures with ease on our mobile app. This handy feature automatically gauges the acceptance level of each recording as relative to the animal’s current days in milk value and provides you with a summary report.


b) Udder Health Management

We have also improved our ‘Udder Health Management’ module. You can now set up protocols during dryoff recording, add samples to the examination and diagnosis option and produce summary reports.


c) Task Date Order

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference, so now you can arrange your tasks by due date. You’re welcome!

Jenna O'Prey
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