New Report Centre Launched

Have you heard about our new Report Centre feature? Increased reporting around the key metrics of fertility, lameness, cow condition and mastitis, with many more areas coming soon!


Check out the full details here or contact us to discuss further.

Cow-side decision making made easy

apps for vets

Cow-side decision making made easy

We know how important it is to make the best decisions cow-side. Especially during pregnancy checks, every individual cow’s performance is important. Precision farmers will want to know exactly how to treat their animals based on both current and historical data.


Metrics that matter


VetIMPRESS allows vets to check fertility data, cell count and milk production data whilst pregnancy checking each animal. Our vets can make instant, informed decisions on treatment or culling. The VetIMPRESS fertility module gives vets instant data about when and how the cow calved and was served as-well as data on previous treatments and scans.


Herd Management


Making informed decisions cow-side, animal by animal, allows our vets to improve the overall performance of the herd. VetIMPRESS helps to improve production figures and reduce costs for farmers by identifying the most effective treatments.

We’ve had excellent feedback on the updates to our fertility module and we’re looking forward to working closely with our vets to make further enhancements.

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