VetIMPRESS Delivering Digital Solutions To Farm Vets With A Growing Network Of Partnerships

VetIMPRESS Delivering Digital Solutions To Farm Vets With A Growing Network Of Partnerships

VetIMPRESS the secure data management platform has recently implemented a series of integrations, reinforcing its position as a leading source of information for farm animal vets. The platform has grown its connections to over 100 external sources across 10 countries. The partnerships are set to improve connectivity across the industry, providing a single source of truth to better inform ethical, safe and productive veterinary decisions.


VetIMPRESS was born out of a desire to strengthen the important role farm vets perform in providing advice around animal health and food production. The cloud-based platform and mobile app fits the unique practical needs of farm vets, allowing users to capture and analyse data and access actionable knowledge in real-time.


VetIMPRESS’ core technology integrates information from a range of sources including government records, industry schemes, milk processors, laboratories, on-farm IT systems and farm service providers alongside vet-entered records, to provide the most complete picture of a cows health. Recent partnerships include connections with genetics software’s, farm sensor companies, milk recording organisations, cooperative societies, data aggregators, farm software’s and the first wave of two-way integrations with leading Practice Management Systems Provet Cloud, Merlin from MWI Animal Health, Assisi Veterinary System and Vetmanager.  The PMS integrations will enable users to take advantage of the array of functionality found within the VetIMPRESS platform, without manually duplicating tasks.


George Brownlee, CEO of VetIMPRESS explains: “At VetIMPRESS, we continually strive to deliver the best digital solutions to our customers. A wealth of useful data is available right across the industry, but these systems rarely integrate or talk to each other. Our platform brings this information together in one place, allowing deeper insights, improved performance and a greater sense of control for vets.”


George continues: “We are excited at VetIMPRESS to be an integral part of enabling better exchange of information and standardisation across systems.  We are delighted to implement several data connections, most notably two-way integrations with some of the leading and respected PMS companies. We want to support farm vets with user-friendly software solutions that help them make informed decisions and improve their daily working life.  The collaborations fit perfectly with our strategy of supporting vets to deliver real value on farm through evidence-based decisions and efficiency.”

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