2020 Roundup

AMU Breakdown on Farms

From everyone at VetIMPRESS, we wish you the merriest Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Following your feedback, combined with our own imagination, we continue to improve your experience and expand the range of solutions we offer through our platform. 2020 saw us translating and adapting VetIMPRESS for the UK, French, German, Belgian and Dutch markets. We worked hard to grow our data integrations and now have connections to over 100 external data sources, bringing you even more insights from cattle data. We also launched a partnership with Vet’Elevage in France, connecting with their platform to enable prescriptions to be dispensed in compliance with regulations and have been working closely with industry partners in the UK to create and link our platform for AMU reporting.


We have been busy expanding on the features within VetIMPRESS too!  Here’s a rundown of some of the top features we worked on in 2020:


Report Centre

As our platform continues to expand, so does Report Centre. Key extensions we’ve made recently include:

  • Mastitis Area – Added an SCC categories metric and an ‘advanced mastitis’ area reporting on chronic SCC, SCC by DIM and tube sales.
  • Advanced Fertility – Calving interval % and % service intervals metrics. Plus heat utilisation rate and total pregnancy rate metrics in Germany.
  • Production Area – Milk in KG, fat, protein, SCC, fat-protein ratio and milk Kg by days in milk.
  • Youngstock Area – Measure ADLWG, view average calf weights and analyse youngstock vet spend.
  • Back Fat and Nutrition – Back fat scores, summaries by date and days in milk and extensive reports relating to energy levels and lack of nutrients.
  • Culling – Culling rate and average age of cows at exit.
  • Benchmarking – Compare performance with other farms in your practice for age at first calving and antimicrobial usage.
  • Report Scheduling – Schedule reports to automatically run and send to farm clients without having to do a thing!

Mastitis Rate Per Cow

Routine Animal Selectors

Identify lists of animals you need to see on-farm with our routine animal selectors. We have added some new and expanded on existing selectors:

  • Ketosis risk animal selector
  • Selective dry cow routine animal selector (has great value related to antimicrobial reduction)
  • Routine fertility selector extended to include involution, gestation, non-seen bulling, repeat breeder, recheck and ability to filter lists using breed codes.
  • Lameness routine animal selector extended with labelling options related to rechecks, previously diagnosed animals and routine trims.

Ketosis Risk in Cows

Treatments Calendars

We understand most medicines are administered by farmers under your advice. Our new treatments calendar displays a daily treatment list in calendar format with product to administer, dosage, route and eligible animals.

Farmer Treatment Calendar

Menu and Navigation

A simplified navigation menu with features separated into practice level and client level areas makes it more intuitive to find what you need.

Protocol Settings Area

You can now set overall milk and withdrawal periods and add weight dependent dosages.


Lab Cases

We’ve made several refinements including making it easier to search for lab sample types; a colour-coded system for organising your lab inbox; and multiple areas of lab reports now available to crop before sending to a farm client.


Opportunities Section

Sitting alongside ‘alerts’, there is the option to view opportunities regarding potentially chronic animals, based on results above threshold or dry-off periods.


Medicine Reporting

Compare a farms antimicrobial usage compared to other farms within the practice. The VetIMPRESS AMU report also has new charts added to the ‘Form Breakdown’ and ‘CIA vs Non-CIA’ areas of the Antimicrobial reporting area to provide a clearer view of overall usage.

AMU Breakdown on Farms

New Data Entry Screens

For hygiene and comfort, standing index and rumen fill and manure.


In 2021 we have huge advancements coming in connections to farm and vet level software’s and some exciting new functionality including push notifications for farmers and a practice level insights. We look forward to updating you in the New Year!

Jenna O'Prey
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