Vet Data Recorded On More Than 1 Cow Per Minute Of Every Day

Vet Data Recorded On More Than 1 Cow Per Minute Of Every Day

How much information is enough in the areas of animal health, animal welfare and food safety these days? The answer might surprise you; the more insights generated from animal data that could impact making the right veterinary decisions, the better.


As a farm vet, you will have seen an increasing need for data handling and analysis of a continuous stream of information from various inputs on the farm. In a world where this animal data is fragmented right across the industry, VetIMPRESS permissions, standardises and integrates disparate data sets to provide you with the most complete picture of a cow’s health. Our platform enables you to capture, manage and enrich the wealth of animal data that already exists by adding to this insightful veterinary data you collect during consultations.


The amount of data produced in our platform every day is increasing. During 2020, vets using the platform added cow records to VetIMPRESS at a rate of 2.25 records per minute and collected new vet data on more than 1 cow per minute of every day. VetIMPRESS has now increased its connections to over 100 external sources across 10 countries…and growing.


With the abundance of rich information available, VetIMPRESS gives you the ability to transform cattle health and performance data into powerful insights that can be used to inform decisions, take preventative actions to protect animal health and welfare and strengthen your position as trusted advisor and advocate for farmers.


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