Release Notes: New menu, manage withdrawal periods, extra reporting and more…

Release Notes: New menu, manage withdrawal periods, extra reporting and more…

May 2020


Release notes is our regular update telling you about recent improvements we’ve made and new features we’ve added, so that you can stay up to date with what’s new at VetIMPRESS.


Web App – What’s New

Coming Soon… New Menu

Based on your feedback, we’ve simplified the VetIMPRESS web menu. The new menu, which will appear on your web app soon, separates into practice level and client level areas, making it more intuitive to find what you need.


  • Practice Area: Access practice-wide information such as the practice diary, delivery notes, lab results and general alerts.
  • Client Area: In this area, select the farm and holding to populate precise client level information. View a farm summary dashboard and access documents, lab submissions, reports and alerts specifically for your selected client


Manage Withdrawal Periods

We’ve added two features to help you manage treatments and withdrawal periods. Using the Product Management Screen, manage information on products within VetIMPRESS from your PMS. Add instructions around meat and milk withdrawal, view stock locations, batch numbers, expiry dates and quantities available, making product information more useful for farm work. Create withdrawal period protocols in the Protocols Setting Area, listing each step. With the ability to add weight dependent dosages, create detailed protocols for use across the farms you govern. When merged with animal records, protocols serve as effective clinical decision support.

Managing Withdrawal Periods


More Reporting Features!

In Report Centre, we’ve added new areas, updated metrics and enhanced features to make it even easier for you to generate reports.  A few highlights include:

  • New Youngstock area measuring weight gain across a farm, average calf weights and details of youngstock vet spend.
  • New Milk Recording area displaying herd averages for milk KG, fat/protein ratios, protein versus milk yield and much more.
  • New Culling area detailing the value of cows that left the farm over a period.
  • Updated Cow Condition area including metrics on back fat and nutrition. The nutrition area displays details on cow energy levels and lack of nutrients against lactation stages.
  • Advanced Fertility section added to the Fertility area, detailing calving and service intervals and fertility protocols.


Report Centre Screens



Mobile App – What’s New (Current Version: 3.9)


Most of our mobile updates have centered around localisation of the mobile app for France, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands.


App Fully Localised

The app has been fully localised to include:

  • All data entry screens fully translated into local languages
  • An enhanced 1-5 internationally recognised mobility scoring system
  • Treatment screens on the mobile farmer app also localised
  • Breeding events area fully localised in both vet and farmer mobile apps.


EID Wand Integration

Driven by our Australian customers, VetIMPRESS mobile app can now integrate with EID wand readers on Android devices. With this capability, you can identify an animal by scanning its RFID tag. This function has been developed for the Australian market; however the capability is available for other territories.

Jenna O'Prey
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