Meet The Team – Lies Jordaens

Meet The Team – Lies Jordaens

Lies Jordaens

Business Development Manager, Belgium


 As an enthusiastic vet, Lies joined the team at VetIMPRESS in March 2019 bringing with her a passion to support vets to ‘do more’ with their expertise and convince Belgian farm vets there is more to life as a vet than administration and emergencies, that the insights they have are worth more than a cup of coffee, and to help them see new practice opportunities in a changing agricultural landscape.   


What does a typical day look like for you?


I have regular meetings with new and existing VetIMPRESS customers, I like to support vets by looking for solutions and answers to their questions in order to take their practice to the next level in farm-services. I enjoy spreading the VetIMPRESS vision to both vets and farmers. Besides the client relations, I also meet with new and existing data-sources in order to present our joint customers with the best information for proper herd health management and I participate in internal meetings to ensure the Belgian vet-vision is communicated to our development team.


What are you working on right now and what will this mean for our customers?


I am working with several new practices to identify solutions for their practice within VetIMPRESS. The farmer app we also have available plays an important role as for the practice this means an immediate return of their investment. The newest Udder Health Module which will launch soon is also an important new project as it provides vets with the necessary tools to support their farmers with a complete herd health management program that includes fertility, young stock, udder health, claw health, mobility, and much more. For this module we are looking into the areas where vets require more assistance and guidance besides software in order to provide the best service to their farmers.


What do you most enjoy about being part of the VetIMPRESS team?


Being part of an organisation that can really make a difference for farm vets by helping them be more efficient and providing them with all the data they require to confidently consult farmers with evidence-based and tailor made advice is the biggest reason I enjoy my job. Working with a young team of both vets and software developers that really listens to the user experiences and enthusiastically acts upon suggestions made, is extremely motivating.


What three words would you use to describe VetIMPRESS?


Valid, Innovative, Prepotent


Have you always worked in the industry? If not, what motivated you to join the team?


As a vet I worked mainly as a companion animal practitioner, but I have always loved working outdoors and between animals. During my PhD I got the chance to do just this while studying the relationship between dairy cow fertility and metabolism. Being able to help farm vets to make their daily routines more efficient with an innovative platform and a more advanced way of working was what triggered me to join the VetIMPRESS team.


What are your hopes for our industry?


I hope to convince vets and farmers to work more closely together in order to improve animal welfare, health and production.


Finally, tell us a fun fact about yourself?


I am always cold, but my favourite season is autumn: when the weather is bad you can light candles or a fire place for an instant homey feeling, and when it is sunny it is amazing to be outside feel the sun, smell the damp earth, walk the dog …

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